11 Reasons You Should Call

This is not the type of thing that we usually post, but I’ve found that recently I get more texts than calls. I’m also sending more texts than calls. After giving it some thought, I came up with some reasons why you and I should still call.

  1. Tone can be misinterpreted via text or e-mail.
  2. There is less room for people to make assumptions about what you said.
  3. Grandma struggles with texts; you should just call her.
  4. You need people practice. Even if you think you communicate well with people, there is always room for improvement. Conversation skills are learned.
  5. There is a lot more you can say at once. I don’t care who you are; you can talk faster than you text.
  6. I’m not recommending you multi-task, but it is an option. You can be putting away groceries or making a sandwich.
  7. It shows you care about the person, the relationship, and the conversation enough to take time out of your day to talk and listen.
  8. Your spelling isn’t that great anyway.
  9. You need work on your vocabulary not acronyms.
  10. Sad emojis do not replace an apology. Ideally, an apology should be made face to face. When that is not possible the best way to show sincerity is to make a call.
  11. You are not going to have to wait on a response. It is common for me to send a text and not get an immediate response.

What reasons do you have?

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