Guest Post Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in guest posting! Lauren or I will be happy to read your entry, but before you send it to us check these things:

  • Your post must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet.
  • You agree to not submit or post this on any other blog pages.
  • It fits with the theme of the blog, meaning it is some picture or situation that God used to speak to you.
  • It glorifies and honors Jesus Christ.
  • It contains at least one passage, of Biblical scripture, relating to your story. Include the reference and version.
  • It has at least one original picture or picture that you have permission to use.
  • It is between 500-900 words
  • No affiliate  links are permitted
  • Hyperlinks are allowed, but should not be labeled as click here.
  • Put in bold font at least one main idea from your post.
  • *Optional (but encouraged). Link to other blog posts that have already been posted by either of Lauren or myself.

The topics/categories that you will find on our blog are Family, Suffering, Transition, Lifestyle, Work, Recreation, Holiday/Celebrations and Poetry. If you find that your post does not fit one of these categories, you are much less likely to be considered for guest posting. We will however, consider a category suggestion.

Include a brief “about the author” and if you have a blog the title with the hyperlink. You are allowed to link to your own website, but do not post the same entry on your blog that you have submitted to us.

We expect you to edit your own document. However, we will proofread. Please don’t be offended if we suggest changes.

If you have found that your post meets all these requirements send it to or Please copy and paste the entire post into the e-mail or send it in a .doc attachment.

We will contact you if we plan to use your post.

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