Why The Title?

Back in March 2008, I was visiting a friend in California. Everything around me (Anna) was so beautiful. On the beach I wrote in my journal, ”

I want to see you [God] in everything. I want it to be easy, but it’s not. Relationships are not easy. But I believe. I want this because you want me because you love me so I want to love you.

Later that night I wrote this in my journal,

Katie and I went to the beach and this is what I saw:

  • As teachers Katie and I love to see when a child’s face lights up because he/she understands something-God is a teacher. He loves to see when something in his Word makes sense to us in a real way that draws us closer to his Son.
  • In a little antique store with tiny pins that sparkle colors and daisies-God is an artist.
  • In scary, big waves (scary and big in a good way)- God is bigger
  • In the comfort and wondrous texture of warm sand I see a Father who wants to hold his children close.
  • Driving on the highway listening to Katie’s laugh-I see that God is a friend.
  • In salt water taffy, postcards, and kites that have no particular shape- I see a comedian.

Mostly I see a Daddy and someone who for some crazy reason is completely enamored with this world. I feel like I just woke up. I see him in vanilla ice cream and rice. God is. You don’t have to go looking if you open your eyes he just is. And today is a beautiful day.

Continually, I shared these with the Bible study I attended. A few people encouraged me to write a book (maybe someday).The thought of publishing a book excited me because I have always wanted to be an author.

On many occasions Lauren, a publishing major, and I found ourselves talking about this. A frequent topic was the title. As we were driving in the car one day, Lauren was telling me about a time she intended to say “I heard it with my own ears,” but it came out “I heard it with my eyes.” I’m not exactly sure what words were said after that but we agreed that it fit as a title for the book. There is no book but someone suggested a blog instead.

All that to say, we are thrilled to share what we have heard with our eyes and look forward to hearing from you what God speaks to you and how.

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