Recommended Films

I would like to caveat by saying although I am recommending these movies it does not mean that you should(have to) see them. Some of them have strong content, and I suggest you read a further description if you are uncertain whether the movie is something you want to watch. Our world is fallen and broken. All of these in some way have displayed the Gospel to me.

God created all things, including relationships like parent to child, lover to beloved, friendships, and defender to those in need of protection. These movies revolve around those types of relationships, all of which God uses in the Bible to illustrate his love for the people He created.

Man On Fire: Creasy, a body guard for a child, (Denzel Washington) perseveres at finding Pita, his charge, after she is kidnapped in Mexico. Rating: R

The Guardian: A team of dive rescuers on the East Coast goes out in any weather to dive into the Atlantic to rescue adrift swimmers. Rating: PG-13

John Q.: After his son has heart failure and with no financial hope John lays himself down on the operating table to be his donor. Rating: PG-13

Moulin Rouge: An aspiring poet and playwright, Christian,  falls in love with a courtesan, Satine. Even though she has sold her body many times to many men Christian still pursues true love with her. It is reminiscent of the book of Hosea. Christian is an example, though imperfect, of Jesus  pursuing his church even though she has chosen other lovers so often. Rating: PG-13 (heavy sexual content)

Dark Knight Rising: The second in a trilogy about Batman, Dark Knight Rising shows how Bruce (aka Batman) fights for his city regardless of the fact that they have tried to fight against him. In the end (especially the last line, I won’t quote it), he is self-sacrificing for their sake. Rating:PG-13

What Dreams May Come: The story of a husband and wife who go through great tragedy and loss and what he will do to save her life. Rating:PG-13

Braveheart: William Wallace, a Scotsman, chooses to fight against the oppression of the English after his wife is raped. He is passionate about bringing freedom to his country. Rating: R (violence)

Horton Hears a Who: Horton, elephantine hero, rescues the people of Whoville from destruction because others  in the jungle do not believe that the Whos exist. Rating: G

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