The Authors

I (Anna) am  first and foremost a follower of Jesus. I am from Chicago but now live in San Antonio, Texas. with my husband, Jim, and three children, Talitha, Solomon, and James. Jim and I have been married nearly four years, and since having our daughter I have been a stay at home mom. Before I took on the full-time position of mom, I was a special education teacher in Chicago. It was when I was 8 years old that I felt God calling me to be a writer. I had no idea what that would look like though. Over twenty years later I am thrilled to be sharing what God has taught me through everyday life experiences. My prayer is that you recognize what God may be speaking to you in what would ordinarily be considered mundane.

*For the sake of privacy photos of my children’s faces will not be shown.

Lauren blog 1I (Lauren) am a writer and worshipper of my Lord and Savior, Jesus. I married my best friend just over a year ago and am continuing to learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, who makes disciples. I think slowing down to write, to breathe, to just be still for a moment – is when God speaks so loudly to me. In the hustle of life, I like to keep moving. Whether that means I’m working as a massage therapist, a nanny, cleaning, doing yard work, or crafting – I’m usually on the go. But it’s in the still, quiet moments, when I actually give God time to speak and move in me – that my heart is truly full. Nature moves slowly. Change happens over time. And God speaks to us in all these things. In the craziness and the slow moments. My hope it to increasingly become more aware of His voice, His presence, and His love.

Fire and Water

When Anna and I met back in 2007 – there was an instant friendship. We talked about writing and reading within the first 2 minutes of meeting. As our friendship continued – an appreciation for the other’s personality began to develop. Anna had this “fire-like” passion in her that would undoubtedly, be heard. Prayer meetings, coffee shop hangouts, or just being roommates meant the trumpet of truth would be blown. There is so much love, passion, and kindness in her truth – you can’t help but think she has your best interest in mind.


Conversely, I noticed that Lauren had more of a “water-like” tone to her truth. There was a calmness and peace that was overwhelming in her words. Conversations with Lauren are almost always encouraging, uplifting, and refreshing. There is a sense of washing, healing, and renewal to her speaking. As water rinses wounds so was the effect of Lauren’s speaking. Similar kindness and compassion as myself – just wrapped up in a different way.

Both fire and water are powerful. They can be destructive or beautiful. As can words. So 2007 was when the duo began. And now 8 years later we shall continue. States away from each other, our love for the Lord binds our friendship together. Here’s to sharing truth, to listening for God’s voice in whatever sort of fashion he decides to share it, and writing about it.

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