Guilt Tree

Dear Lady,
I forgive you for everything before you apologize
Yet, you allow the guilt tree to grow as your reply
The root, the vein runs deep, I said
And you laid on the floor and cried, No grace is dead
You try to lift a burden you can’t carry
Up a hill that you can’t climb
I say to you, my dear Lady, I’ve forgiven you
You’re mine
Salt trails stain your face I see
When you lift your head to look up at me
My precious Bride, Beloved woman
You insist that you will fix it all, and there will be no stain
Though you try, you cannot finish and only I remain
Let me lift your burden Dearest,
Let me take the guilt, the shame
Let me have the ever nagging feeling that Failure is your name
I’ll chop that tree down, dig up the root
Acknowledge sweet Lady that you were healed by my wounds.

For those of you you have read my blog before and are wondering why the burst of poetry, it is National Poetry Writing Month. My goal is to write one a day.

This poem is written from the perspective of my husband and Jesus (the Bridegroom) who are trying to teach me that I am forgiven and free. Furthermore, that I cannot earn either of those things.

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