Creating a Home-No Advice

Moving: new place, filled upp with boxes and stuff
Moving: new place, filled up with boxes and stuff (Photo credit: Eva the Weaver)

My husband and I recently moved into our new home in D.C. I am both excited and overwhelmed. There are people out there I’m sure who are so organized that they had planned in advance where everything might go and packed accordingly. I am not one of those people.

By the end of the day, I am exhausted and want nothing to do with organizing, decorating, placement of anything and am quite honestly a bit angry at my husband that he is not present sharing in my frustrations of literally juggling a seven month old and glassware.

There is something that struck me though, going to sleep a few nights ago. I thought about creation. What struck me was that I long, even at my most frustrating moments, to create. I desire to create a home, to create beauty, to create a place of rest and welcome.

This shouldn’t be news to me because God made humans in his image and He is the ultimate creator. Is it any wonder than that we admire artists, writers, musicians, builders, and so on. This gives me such relief. I don’t have to feel guilty for desiring and being passionate about making a house a home. I’m supposed to create!

There is subtle lie that can be twisted with this enthusiasm. While, I am free to create and feel the joy that comes with making something, creation, and all that is in it, is meant to be a reflection, not worshiped. For weeks, I was doing just that, worshiping.

My thoughts in my journal were, “I’m supposed to find rest and peace in You(God) in all circumstances. I know that is true. Have I let myself be chained to the idea of creating a perfect house? It sounds ridiculous, but if I boil it down that’s it. It’s by no means wrong to maintain order in a home, but when that is my sense of satisfaction something is amiss. Why? Because I have made myself, not the basic manager of the home with my goal being to glorify God, but rather to be the god of the home where I have harnessed all things.”

Any professional decorator would tell you I have a long way to go to finish the rooms I am putting together. In the meantime, I can be joyful that God, who created me, designed me to do what I’m doing in order to glorify Him. Halleluiah to the Creator from one of His created as she creates. Amen.

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