We Celebrate Passover

Tonight at sunset marks the beginning of Passover. This is traditionally a Jewish feast celebrated for eight days. It is a time dedicated to remembering when the Jews were enslaved by the Egyptians and Yahweh’s miraculous rescue of His people. The story of the Hebrews oppression is found in the book of Exodus. The instituting of the feast of Passover is found in Exodus 12-14

This will be the fourth year my husband and I have celebrated Passover together. Jesus was Jewish, and we have been adopted into his family so we think it is appropriate to celebrate the holidays that He did. God is all about pictures and…food! It’s awesome.

Afikomen and Passover Plate
Our Afikomen and Passover Plate

This is a great meal with so many elements representing layers on layers of God’s great inconceivable salvation story. Depending on how many people and who is leading the meal, it can take a few hours.

If you have opportunity to attend a Seder, I encourage you to do so, better yet, think about hosting a Passover celebration for your family and friends every year.

I’m including a link to a Haggadah, which is the order of ceremony for Passover. Take the time to read it.

I thought about doing a summary post of a Passover meal or even my favorite parts, but I think that really takes away from the depth and beauty of this dinner. It is literally a dinner driven by pictures. God uses everyday things like horseradish, wine, parsley, and salt water to teach us about his salvation. Get to know Him more. Read Exodus. Read the Haggadah. Search around your city to see if anyone is hosting a teaching on this Feast.

This is a time to remember that God saves. He saves.

2 thoughts on “We Celebrate Passover

  1. That’s so cool, Anna. Monte and I attended a Passover seder once, and it was lovely. My favorite part is where they hide the unleavened bread in the linen napkin, which can be seen as Christ being laid in the tomb. Then it is later found by a child, which could be connected to Christ’s statement that anyone who wishes to enter the kingdom must have faith like a child. At least that’s what I remember thinking at the time, it’s been a while.

    1. Thanks Gayle. We would have loved to spend it with the Monday night group, but we are glad we have a group here. The part you’re thinking of is really neat. I like that it is found by a child as well.

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