Woman In a Wasteland

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Woman in a Wasteland

Dear Daughter,

You have been walking through a cemetery

A lady made of bones

Convinced that it is time to bury

Convinced you are alone

Dry and eroded is the skeleton

The beauty I created once covered in skin

You believe, dear daughter, that your dress should be torn

This is all you deserve

What is broken and worn

Your eyes are a blank stare

You’re nakedness is laid bare

You beg me to draw near

But shrink back into mud fear

You scream for me to look

Daughter, I won’t see you as this

I will not see you as covered in waste

Or look on you with any distaste

I will take you out of the cemetery

I will buy that land and build a house

I will rake out the dead leaves

If you are willing I will rid the weeds

The ground will be made new

By the soaking righteous rain that is true

I will be the foundation

If you will start with confession

I will be the builder

If you will yoke with me in labor

Where there has been numbness and stone

The love of a tender rock will be shone

A house, darling, where we can live and dwell

I have broken the gray bondage chains of hell

As you’ve accepted my Son

He will come near to you

You and He will be as one

I’ve replaced all the old and there is a heart of flesh

Daughter, precious lady, I no longer see death.

I will clothe you in white, a dress fit for a Bride

Once you humble yourself and take off pride

Love is the banner that I will fly over this dwelling

Oh Sweetness, I long to give you my blessing

You hold back stubbornly

Despite the fact that this gift is free

This is my invitation written in blood

Signed your Father

With all my love

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