Speaking Flowers

IMG_1837Speaking flowers

He whispered soft flowers to her ears

She laid on his words and would for years

The problem with whispers is they can be lost in the noise

So was the cause of her withered spirit

He yelled then

He screamed

“Love, sweet baby, Beautiful, I’m still here.

Listen, dear heart, I’m still giving you all

I’m still trying to call

I’m planting you a vineyard

Where we can read sweet wine

You can take all that’s mine

I want to speak more, Morning

Why won’t you hear?

Darling I started with flowers

But I’m not willing to leave you there

Fight the wind, the distraction

I’m trying to break through, but even on breezeless days

You believe I’ve given up on you

You so easily left

Doubts on each step

You let in the wind

Saying there’s no more

Not trusting when I said don’t walk out that door

But I’m waiting


Bleeding for your return

When my song floods your ears

Will you let me hold you again?

After all those desert years.

By: A.E. Hannigan

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