Far Side Of The Sea

Eric Peters is a musician I am blessed to know. Jim and I met him before we were dating; he was among the first to ask if we were together. Since then, we have seen him several more times. It seems that each time we do, we’ve added a new car seat to our car. The new album that Eric hopes to release in the fall is of particular interest to me because it is written from the perspective of inanimate objects. I’ll let him say it for himself:

“I am recording my tenth (holy moley, number 10!!) studio album, Far Side Of The Sea, with friend and producer Gabe Scott. Over the years, I’ve left behind a crumb trail of first person narratives (Chrome, Traveling Onion, Spare Change, Bus 152, etc.), songs written from the perspectives of overlooked inanimate objects and/or people. This act of lending a voice to the mute was, as it turns out, giving voice to my own lost youth, joy, disappointment, abandonment, loneliness, grief, loss, sorrow, and longing to be found and reclaimed. They were a way for me to speak the unspoken, a way to try to be brave in the world.”


I look forward to hearing what he is putting together.

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