Lights Out

Last Sunday we went to church, as usual. I had taken a Sunday afternoon nap, woken up to my husband folding laundry and wiped the sleep out of my eyes before heading to worship with our church family. Our church meets in the evening because we use another church’s building.

We had guest speakers who talked about work as worship. It was a beautiful reminder that everything we do; whether it be changing diapers, making spreadsheets, folding laundry, or evangelizing can be worship to God. Whether your job is considered vocational ministry or not – it’s an opportunity to advance the Kingdom.

When our friends started singing worship music and leading us to take communion , my friend Trish shared that she had seen a vision earlier that day of the entire church worshipping with their whole hearts that night. She said our worship was something we did with our entire selves and she encouraged us to worship freely that night.

During the second song, one that I wasn’t super familiar with, the power went out. Everything. No lights, no amps to project the music, no lyrics displayed; nothing. One candle and the red exit sign near the door lit the room.candle

And with almost no hesitation, the worship team kept worshipping . The congregation followed suit. We lifted our voices higher without the help of amplifiers or microphones. Curiously, we couldn’t blame the wind or a storm, and as far as I know – it was just a local outage.

We worshipped with just our voices and our hearts. Everything was stripped  from the night besides  us and God. Which is how I feel like God wants us anyway. He doesn’t need us to put on our Sunday’s best to come be with Him. He doesn’t need lights, lyrics, or amps. He desires only us. Just us.

The friends who led worship displayed God’s goodness, too. Again, (as I posted 2 weeks ago) God is just drilling me about loving God above our circumstances. I know the stories of the team leading worship. I know the stories of their marriages, their families, and a lot of the hardship they have experienced. And they didn’t stop worshipping because the lights went out; because their circumstances weren’t ideal. Without wavering – they sang their hearts out to a God who has proven over and over in their lives that He provides, He loves, He heals and is so worthy to be praised.

I want to seek out God like this; without bells and whistles. With just a desperation for Him to move.  We don’t need the crowds, the right thing to say, the lights on or the lyrics projected on a screen. He wants our hearts in worship. Whether it’s while we work in front of a computer for 8 hours, chase little ones around the house until its bedtime, teaching, counseling, firefighting, leading, cooking –it can all be worship. Let us not be shaken by what is going on around us – but let us focus on the One who is the light when we are standing in the dark.

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