Ode to Seasons (Part 1)


Some of you know the journey Jim and I have been on, moving from Midwest to East to South. For the record we will be staying in Texas for another year. The emotions of change walk with me everyday. When people ask how I like it or how I feel about it, I honestly don’t know what to say. Undoubtedly, God has used moves in our lives to teach me. I don’t know the whys yet. This poem is the best reflection so far of my thoughts. I will post it in parts for you to feel the change of seasons, the anticipation of change, the hope, the loss, the suspense in the meantime. Do enjoy.

I am a hardware store perennial

I’m one on a five dollar tray

Only, they didn’t tell me when

They were tenderly misting me


How much it would hurt to be pulled and even cut out of this plastic box

Content in my tray and fertilized soil, I thrived

Now my petals are bruised

According to the label we flowers are supposed to be planted apart so we can grow

This soil is foreign

The water comes in big welting drops or sometimes not at all

I want to go back to the store

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